Barcode Scanners & Their Various Types

A barcode scanner is a device that utilizes a scanner composed of a lightsource, lens, and light sensor to read and translate information that barcodes contain. A barcode scanner's function is simple and relatively easy to understand. It measures the amount of light that is being reflected when a code is scanned by a beam of light produced by the barcode scanner. The reason for measuring the amount of light that is reflected while using a scanner is that the black bars making up a barcode reflect less light than the white spaces accompanying them. After this, the scanner automatically converts observed light energy into electrical energy. From here, a decoder within the scanner comes into action by converting collected electrical energy into data before forwarding it to a computer.

Choosing a suitable barcode scanner according to your need is crucial, and one should be aware of all types of barcode scanners available on the market. As there are three main types of scanners that are used for barcodes, we will briefly go over them in this blog so that you can always choose the right product for your operations.


Laser scanners read barcodes by directing a laser beam over a barcode, and internal rotating mirrors then work to read the reflected laser beam. Next, a photodiode that is mounted within the scanner is used to detect the strength of the reflected beam. After this, the photodiode's readings are converted into digital signals.

Linear Imager

Linear imaging scanners or CCD scanners are a form of long-distance CCD scanner. Their remote sensing capabilities allow them to read information provided on barcodes up to 35 cm away. In addition, these scanners are solid and durable, making them a great choice among various industries.

2D Area Imager

2D area imager scanners are more versatile than their counterparts. They are designed with the ability to scan various types of barcodes, such as 2D, 1D, stacked, and composite barcodes. In addition, they can even gather data from LCD screens. Essentially, a combination of a 2D area imager and CCD scanner, 2D area imagers work by taking an image of a barcode, and subsequently analyzing the data. Therefore, they make scanning faster and easier.


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