All About Huck Bolts and Their Different Types

On aircraft and heavy machinery alike, many of the parts used need to be able to withstand high vibration which can last for hours depending on the task. As a highly vibration-resistant fastener, the huck bolt is commonly used in these conditions for their superior strength and hold. Offering a simple and reliable alternative to welding, huck bolts can be found in trucks, automotives, rails, agriculture, mining, and the oil & gas industries, among others. If you would like to know more about the use of huck bolts in industrial machinery, read on as we explore the different types and their advantages.

The Three Types of Huck Bolt

Though many variations exist, all huck bolts can be categorized into three basic types which each have their own benefits and specific applications:

Huck Bolts With Pintails: As the most commonly used version, huck bolts with pintails are those that have a breakpoint designed into the pin that separates once installation is complete. The excess pin can then be ejected or collected by the lockbolt tool. The advantage to these huck bolts is that the bolts shear off clean at the collar so there is no protruding rod above the head of the fastener. To install these bolts, the pin and collar are set in place, and a tool is then used to fasten the collar further down the threaded rod until it is flush against the mounting surface. Once the collar has been sufficiently tightened, the rod is broken at its breakpoint and the excess is saved or discarded.

Huck Bolts Without Pintails: As the name implies, these bolts are designed with a solid pin that has no breakpoint and no leftover metal to collect. Rather, installation is done without the shock of pintail removal so there is less operator fatigue. While there will be a protruding length of rod, the cycle time for installation is faster, and there is no exposed metal from pintail removal that could corrode with use.

Reinforced Panel Huck Bolts: Designed specifically to prevent cracking and pull-through when used in softer or composite materials, these bolts feature high sheer strength and an under-head seal. They are also installed using consistent pressure to prevent damaging the workpiece. Often, reinforced panel huck bolts are used with materials such as wood, or GRP vehicle panels.

Advantages of Huck Bolts

The huck fastener is popular in heavy-duty applications for several major reasons. Firstly, they are an alternative to nuts and bolts that accomplish the work of both with just one fastener. Moreover, the lockbolt collar of the huck bolt creates a permanent join that will not loosen over time, unlike conventional bolts. Huck bolts also have high vibration resistance, having been created as a solution to combat loosening of conventional bolts in vehicles and heavy equipment. Aside from their durability, huck bolts are quick and easy to install with huck fastening tools usually being hydraulic, pneumatic, or battery-powered, and can be used with no special training required.

Finding Huck Bolts for Your Assembly

Since their invention in 1950, huck bolts have offered a simple, reliable option for vibration-resistant fasteners that can work effectively in aircraft, automotives, heavy machinery, and more. When you are on the search for high quality components for your operations, including those requiring aviation-grade huck bolts, you can rely on Limitless Aerospace for your part procurement. Backed by competitive prices and a widespread network of leading manufacturers, we are committed to finding convenient, time-saving solutions to our customers’ fulfillment needs. Simplify your product sourcing when you partner with Limitless Aerospace, a premier procurement platform.


October 6, 2022
August 18, 2022

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