What Is a Screw Ball Bearing?

A screw ball bearing is a fairly unique piece of hardware, coming in the form of a bearing that is made up of a screw, nut, reversing device, and a ball. With a screw ball bearing, rotary motion can be transformed into linear motion, or vice versa, making it versatile in its use. Furthermore, the screw ball bearing is known for its high precision, high efficiency, and minor frictional resistance, allowing it to benefit a number of industrial applications and precision instruments.

Depending on the particular need of an assembly or system, there are a few common types of screw ball bearings that one may procure, and variations are often classified by their ball circulation or preloading method. For ball circulation methods, common options include the end cap, circulator, and circulating duct type screw ball bearing. Meanwhile, common preloading methods for the component include positioning preloading and constant preloading.

The screw shaft of the component is crucial for standard functionality, receiving rotational force and transforming it into linear motion. Generally, the rotational force is supplied by a motor or another similar device that is placed at the end of the screw ball bearing. The screw shaft will always feature a continuous groove known as the ball groove, and this is a path for rolling ball bearings to move. Depending on the design of the groove, a screw ball bearing may either have a semi-circular or a gothic arc. While a semi-circular arc is denoted by a single arc, a gothic arc profile will feature two arcs that create a ogival shape.

With the movement required by a screw ball bearing for translating motion, such components will generally require lubrication to ensure a long, reliable service life. Oil and grease lubricants are useful as they lower friction and deter the build-up of heat that can cause thermal expansion of components. Additionally, if parts begin to rub against each other, the component may face tearing, abrasion, and galling which will lower performance and the expected lifespan of the assembly.

When shopping for the perfect screw ball bearing for your operations, there are a number of common considerations that one should make. For example, the intended application of a bearing is crucial for choosing the right fit, so whether you need a product for an aircraft or industrial equipment, the exact choice may vary. Additionally, factors such as efficiency, material, power requirements, maintenance, and noise are all also important to consider for their effect on overall performance and reliability. If you are ready to begin purchasing the various screw ball bearing components that you need, look no further than Limitless Aerospace.

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October 6, 2022

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